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Hey there!

From one business person to another, I'm so happy you stopped by. There is nothing quite like the tension an entrepreneur feels between the things they love doing and the stuff that comes with running a business. If you know, you know.


Over the last eight years of leading my own business, I've found great freedom (not to mention greater success) by hiring different specialists to make my business life more manageable. 


My business has grown because I stopped trying to do it all alone. I hope to bring the same stress relief to you.

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We've just met, and I haven't been 100% honest with you.

Clear, effective messaging is the foundation of solid marketing. The StoryBrand writing technique is a proven, logical way to engage prospective clients. It paves the way for more sales by inviting customers into a story where their lives are transformed. Nothing captures our attention the way story does. 

I graft (that's a horticulture term I looked up) my StoryBrand Certification with decades of experience in a broad range of roles and industries - including eight years serving small businesses like yours. My shed holds a variety of tools.

There are bigger, fancier agencies out there doing great stuff. But they can't do what I can do as your guide. Plus, for no extra charge, I'm a freaking delight to work with. 

So, let's do a virtual coffee. Tell me about what you're growing, and I'll tell you how Greenhouse can help.

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StoryBrand Guide & Graphic Designer

As a Certified StoryBrand Guide, I have the intensive training and experience to help you discover what your ideal client needs to hear. Using the StoryBrand framework, I help overloaded Service Providers and Real Estate professionals create brand messaging that invites leads into a story. While about 75% of my clients are in real estate, each individual is unique in strengths, approaches, and views of the industry. Personally, I get a nerdy dopamine hit every time I figure out what a client's secret sauce is. Followed by another rush when we find the language to communicate it.

The messaging is a good chunk of the marketing puzzle. Making sure things look sharp is another piece. We deliver both copywriting and graphic design services in one relationship.

Side Notes

  • StoryBrand Certified, 2020

  • Advanced Communications, Okanagan College 2016

  • Owner & Creative Director at Greenhouse Creative since 2016

  • Wife of one magnificent human, blissfully empty-nesting together

  • Mom of two outstanding young men (each with a lovely lady to round out our family)

  • Grandma to the most gorgeous mini-human, Myles. I'm sure you've heard of him.

  • Owner of one ancient dog, snoring loudly in the background of each and every zoom

  • Hot beverage addict - but just the first five sips, then my cups are abandoned throughout the house until the evening bus boy starts his shift

  • Based in beautiful West Kelowna, BC, Canada (Come visit - I have a gorgeous Air BNB with stunning lake views! I know, I know... two businesses weren't enough for us.)

My Promise to You

We will solve your messaging problem and the experience will be fun, relational and generous.

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We Love Small Business Owners

(They seem to love us too.)
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