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Keep it Simple

Put it in Play

Grow Your Business


These four assets give you everything you need to grow your business.

(It's marketing for mere mortals.)


Start with a clear brand message and these essential pieces come together with ease and simplicity. You deserve marketing that works - without losing your time and sanity in the process!

Tired of smiling and nodding whenever the term "Sales Funnel" comes up?


​We all want to lead thriving businesses. The problem is, without an effective sales funnel, you're missing out on clients. If the very mention of funnels creates confusion and stress for you, you're not alone. But I've got good news! 

An effective funnel doesn't have to be complicated.

Getting started is easy - join me for a FREE Webinar series,
Four Thursdays at 11am pst:

Feb 8
10am PST

"Craft A Compelling Sales Letter"

We'll use an online tool to write an effective sales letter powered by the StoryBrand technique.

(60 minutes, Group Workshop Style)

Feb 15
10am PST

"Create a Powerful Lead Generator"

We'll watch a brilliant session from Dr. JJ Peterson of Marketing Made Simple with Practical and Proven techniques.

(90 minutes, Watch Party plus Q & A)


Free workshops?
Why The Funnel Not?!
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