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Landmark Flowers // Dawn Mooney

The first thing I fell in love with was the smell.

As I opened the door to Landmark Flower shop, I was enveloped in the most incredible aromas of freshness and beauty. I could have had my eyes closed and would still have made a purchase.

But my eyes were open – wide open! Designed with both thought and simplicity, the inviting space feels like a home. The tastefully rustic and warm showroom provides a natural background from which those glorious blooms and greenery pop.

What really sealed the deal was meeting Dawn Mooney. Her smile radiates with relatability and a down-to-earth approach to life and business. She exemplifies what I love about small business owners in Kelowna – they beam with a quite pride in their investment in themselves and their dreams. That smile is an invitation to their journey. That’s just one of the benefits of supporting local businesses – those owners make us part of their story.

I loved my first conversation with Dawn, and all the others we’ve had since. That can’t-help-but-love-her personality aside, Dawn’s capable hands have been designing for over twenty-five years.

Girl’s got mad floral game.

Confession: Before visiting the shop, I might have been quick to associate the Landmark Tower address with pretense and unaffordability. The refreshing truth is that Landmark Flowers is within reach of my budget, all while delivering an outstanding product with friendly professionalism. Aside from the obvious flowers and plants, she’s got a great little sprinkling of cards, gifts, and décor items.

For Valentines or any other occasion – pop in to see Dawn Mooney at Landmark Flowers. I’d even suggest you walk through the door with your eyes and mouth closed. Shut down your other senses and inhale that beauty.

Landmark Flowers is located at 1182 Dayton Street, (250) 860-0328

Find them on Facebook and Insta @landmarkflowers

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