Hairbrained Schemes Designs // Cheryl Overton

Not your Grandmother's greeting cards.

A local greeting card company has been behaving inappropriately lately. Actually, it's been a few years, but recently Hairbrained Schemes has been standing out in all its unconventional glory.

Owner/designer Cheryl Overton has taken her love for fun, friendship and fonts to the masses with a huge (seriously, so many great designs to choose from) selection of high quality, recycled-content greeting cards. With on-point design and off-side humor, they'll give you good eye feels, tickle your funny bone, and ring true in your soul.

Witty and wise, there is a card for every occasion - from fighting cancer, to celebrating special dates, to "just because"... slices of life featured in arty ways. She's got a jillion designs... but here are just some of my favs:

If you want a more permanent version of one of her sentiments, check out her graphic art prints. Cheryl designs custom orders too - for next level personalization (or inappropriateness). One of her customers requested art prints to match her accent pillows, and was delighted with what HBS created for her:

Discover something unique and support a small business by picking up a few things from the beautiful, yet inappropriate, genius behind Hairbrained Schemes.

You can find Hairbrained Schemes cards at Landmark Flowers, Georgie Girl, Real Deals Home Decor & online at

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