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Little House Contracting // Tara Tschritter

Minimalism. Purge. Simplify. When I hear these words, my heart skips a beat. (With delight.)

Oh, how I love simplicity. The doing away with what is not being used. Eradicating clutter. I’ll confess to binge watching “Tiny House”, marveling at the paring down it would take to actually fit ones life into a little house on wheels.

But you know what else I love? A little comfort. A little style. A little elbow room. An inviting place for the souls that I love to rest their sweet bodies over tea or enchiladas or nerdy games.

Can you have it both ways? A smaller space that is also truly functional, comfortable and beautiful?

Hallelujah, YES! And in the Okanagan, anyone thinking big about living little needs to talk to Little House Contracting.

To be clear, we’re not talking about tiny houses on wheels here, (which, while totes adorbs, would not be legal.) We’re talking small-scale comfort and livability. These homes are beautifully designed to be environmentally efficient and reflect a shift in values – greener, cleaner, simpler.

Touring their 735 sq ft build in downtown Kelowna this fall, I had no doubt that I could live in that smart, sensible, stylish space. (Somehow, my current 2500 sq ft home does not have a pantry, but this little house did.) In case you missed it, here’s a quick video tour:

Every architectural decision was made to maximizing the limited space. From the hallway design to windows placement, it’s just so darn smart. Finished with gorgeous fixtures and design elements (a beautiful barnwood wall, no less), it was small a small home with big perks.

Tara Tschritter, president and founder of LHC says, “The demand is growing for urban living. Our local governments are working through the complex process of making that possible for more residents. With changes to zoning bylaws in downtown Kelowna, now is a prime opportunity to increase your investment by 'building little' on an existing lot. Adding a carriage home to a city lot provides a great source of revenue to the owner, as well as an option for renters looking for a four-wall living situation. There is a shift in what people value – a growing desire to live close and small but still in a single-family home.”

It’s a sophisticated undertaking. Like building a regular sized home, all the usual considerations come into play. Kelowna is a busy place with a lot of building happening, so cost and process are factors. While affordable, Micro building should not be confused with quick and cheap. Little House Contracting provides ”full building contract and design services, and, based on established relationships, will act as a liaison with city planners and financial institutions.” With LHC as your guide, creating a small-scale home or secondary suite is an attainable, affordable reality.

What’s on the horizon for Little House Contracting? Quite big things! A community of smaller scale homes is in the works for beautiful McKinley Beach. Sign up for the Little House Newsletter to find out more about that project. Also, Little House is always on the look out for partners with property to develop.

If you think Living Little as a lifestyle or investment might be for you, check out their website and peruse some floorplans. If you find yourself dreaming about a simpler, greener lifestyle check in with Tara. Aside from her wisdom and passion, Tara happens to be an exceptional member of our community. A chat or coffee with her will leave you informed and inspired about big ideas for little living.

(Tara Tschritter & her business partner, Allison Ramchuk)

Learn more by calling Little House at 250-575-9331 or visit

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