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5 Ways to Treat Mom Right this Mother's Day

Next weekend is your opportunity to show Mom your love and appreciation. (And if you play your cards right, you can make your siblings look like real losers. When it comes to sibling rivalry, you do what you gotta do.)

Here are 5 local businesses who are ready to help position you as favorite child:


Whether mom is a fan of local wine, fabulous food, or just relaxing on a beautiful patio, check out this venue for all of the above and more. Starting May 12th, the tasting room is open 10am - 6pm. Their patio is welcoming walk-in guests from 11:30am - 5pm for lunch, appies, and lighter fare. If you are organized enough to make a Mother's Day reservation (all the best kids do), the Red Fox Club is open and accepting reservations for dinner that Sunday night. I asked if anything special was planned for the menu, and the response was, "Everyday is special!" That's very true of what Indigenous World Winery has to offer -- local, interesting and so very delicious. For full dining or a leisurely glass of wine on the patio (please try a charcuterie board -- they are amazing!)... take Mom to this memorable local spot.

2218 Horizon Drive West Kelowna

Call or email today for reservations (778) 755-6360


Carolily Finery Kelowna

Recently, I met Danielle and Donna, a mother-daughter duo (how fitting!) of artisan designers. Their shop, CAROLILY FINERY, offers upscale statement jewelry that is a step above anything I've seen before. Whether your mom loves bold, classic, pearls or Swarovski crystals, their extensive line of exceptional pieces will have something for every well-styled mom. They even do custom orders for that one-of-a-kind, tailored keepsake.

Carolily Finery Kelowna

Check out their website to explore necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. Gift mom with an affordable luxury from these lovely ladies.

p.s. (They do gift cards too).

3. Landmark Flowers - Kelowna

Looking for a fresh floral idea? Pop in to see Dawn Mooney at Landmark Flowers to discover what's new in her gorgeous shop! Whether your mom's taste in flowers is classic or modern, Dawn's got something she'll love the sight and smell of. Aside from gorgeous blooms arranged with care and flair, Landmark Flowers has lots of whimsical gifts too.

To make your Mother's Day shopping easier, Landmark flowers will be open 10-3 Saturday and 11-3 Sunday. You can also call ahead to arrange a special order for a special lady.


1882 Dayton Street Kelowna, BC

4. Passionate Blooms Flower Studio - West Kelowna

Passionate Blooms Floral Co. West Kelowna

This week I was introduced to a great little Westside flower studio. Passionate Blooms on Westgate Road, (running parallel to Hwy. 97), was opened by the very talented Shauna Grobowsky just a few months ago. Passionate Blooms has a modern aesthetic with gorgeous arrangements to match.

Shauna is going to have armfuls of ready-to-go bouquets, available for easy pick up on Mother's Day Weekend. Passionate Blooms doors will be opened, Saturday and Sunday 9:30 - 6:00!

And if you're looking for a long living plant rather than a bright bouquet, Shauna has lots of options for you. During my visit, I was particularly drawn to this:

Passionate Blooms Studio West Kelowna

It's a frame with plants. Which you hang on a wall. Like a picture.

PLANTS ON A WALL! What a time to be alive!

And check this cool terrarium... mosses, succulents & cactus... Oh, my!

Passionate Blooms Studio West Kelowna

How lucky for Westside moms that Shauna's "out of the vase" thinking is now right in our community. Give Shauna a call to pre-order, or pop in and get a gorgeous gift to go!

#13-1515 Westgate Road

West Kelowna


5. Top it off with a fabulous card from Hairbrained Schemes

Whether your mom cherishes a sweet sentiment or would rather throw her head back with inappropriate laughter, a greeting card from Hairbrained Schemes will help get the right message across.

These cards speak for themselves, so I'll just say they are my favorite greeting card line, created by one of my favorite people, Cheryl Overton of West Kelowna. (And we have to give creative DNA credit to Cheryl's own mom - pictured above - who leans toward sassy.)

Check out all your momma-lovin-options at:

(Or conveniently available at Passionate Blooms or Landmark Flowers - since you're going there anyway!)


Whatever it is you've got planned for your mom, enjoy yourselves and your time together. If your family is anything like mine, you're just happy to be together, sharing an experience, a laugh, and adding a new memory to your family's story. May your day be filled to the brim with all of those things. There's nothing better than the people who get you, and celebrate your quirks with inside jokes.

Celebrating moms and motherhood, and signing off with this image of me and my man-clan... (and the mug they bought me, which summarize our entire family dynamic - love, laughter, and getting each other.)

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