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Thankful to have been a part of this story // OVPCC

Every great story has a hero. Often times, an unlikely one.

In every great story, that hero has a problem to overcome.

In this story, (collection of stories, actually), the heroes are usually young and unprepared for the situation they are facing. They are often scared, alone and overwhelmed. The early pages of these stories are filled with hopelessness, shame, and fear. They can't even imagine how their stories will end.

In every great story, the hero encounters a guide. With the help of the guide, the hero finds hope and strength and a plan to move forward.

The Okanagan Valley Pregnancy Care Centre has helped unlikely heroes in our community face the plot twist of an unexpected pregnancy. Their aim is to support women and teens as they navigate the choices and challenges of an unplanned pregnancy.

Okanagan Valley Pregnancy Centre

I had the distinct privilege of working along side this exceptional, life-changing non-profit organization for the last 9 months (and yes, we love how fitting that factoid is!) They hired me for re-branding and to build a new website that clearly communicates how they serve their clientele - with information and support, free of judgement and full of love.

Okanagan Valley Pregnancy Centre

Meet Norma Cody (right), a down-to-earth, gentle, funny, caring soul, and executive director of OVPCC. With her amazing staff and volunteer teams, she leads a community of care for people like Talitha (left) - a young mom who found the support and courage to walk through an unexpected pregnancy and is now thriving in her life story.

The OVPCC provides parenting courses, relationship classes, sexual health education, pregnancy testing, practical support and connections to other agencies in our community. They are able to provide these free and confidential services, thanks to the support of donors who want to be a part of stories of hope and bright futures.

If you (or your office, your club, your family) are looking for a local non-profit that will put your donation dollars to excellent use, consider the Okanagan Valley Pregnancy Care Centre.

A lot of great stories start with a crisis. You just never know where the story will take you.

(Just ask Erican, one of OVPCC's tiniest little stories. I think he's dreaming up volumes of adventures.)

Learn more at their website:

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