Growing up in a rich Lebanese culture of hospitality, Betty's family home was always bustling. Her mom welcomed the neighbourhood kids with love, and fresh, delicious food. The Fig doesn't fall far from the tree.

Okanagan Valley Pregnancy Centre is helping women and teens as they face unplanned pregnancies.

Have you ever started shopping for something very specific - so specific, in fact, that you aren’t sure if it actually exists? That was me recently. I was in search of a very small piece of local art for a farewell gift. Flat, light, within my budget, and Okanagan-y. I...

I learned 1094 things in the past year. Here are 5 of them.

350 Bakehouse and Cafe - Fresh. From scratch. Every day. Get your fritter on at Downtown Kelowna's sweetest spot.

I’m always on the lookout for practical items with a clean and crisp design sense. That’s how NinjaDiva Design Studio got on my radar.  I’m a sucker for Smart Styling, which is how I see NinjaDiva’s selection of quality, every day items with exceptional design.

Jaime, t...

Next weekend is your opportunity to show Mom your love and appreciation. (And if you play your cards right, you can make your siblings look like real losers.)

That itch for change had been there for a while, actually, but it is easily ignored in the full-steam-ahead years of raising a busy family.   Those years when parents have just got to keep the thing moving.  With coaching, working, and investing in the lives of the peo...

Because I am a terrible mother, there had not been a proper family photo for almost a decade. Our kids were pre-teens the last time it happened.  Also pre-braces, pre-growth-spurts, and pre-decent-hair-cuts. One kid rocked a too-long-fauxhawk. The other: emo-...

If living little has you thinking big about a simpler, greener, cleaner way of life, check out this local gem for micro home construction.

It had been twenty-five years since I’d attempted to… what’s the word… install? apply? adhere? contact lenses. It didn’t go well back then and it wasn’t going well now. There were tears of irritation and of frustration. Finally, after 28 grueling minutes of poking and...

A local greeting card company has been behaving inappropriately lately.  Actually, it's been a few years, but recently Hairbrained Schemes has been standing out in all its unconventional glory. Owner/designer Cheryl Overton has taken her love for fun, friendship a...

The first thing I fell in love with was the smell. As I opened the door to Landmark Flower shop, I was enveloped in the most incredible aromas of freshness and beauty.  I could have had my eyes closed and would still have made a purchase.

I love happy gossip.

I love a good story.

I love being a part of this community.

And, I love connecting  the people I care about with one another.

The purpose of this blog is to shine the light on awesome businesses, business owners, and local good guys that come acro...

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