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Dawn Kern
Designer & Cultivator

We've just met and I haven't been 100% honest with you.  

Gardening is a terrible metaphor for me. I can't keep any green thing alive for more than nine days. Every May I buy 37 Geraniums. Exclusively. (And I seek out the ones that look like fighters.)

Nurturing people, crafting communication, creating outstanding client experiences - that's where I thrive. Small business owners are my tribe. I can't get enough of their gut-level commitment to what they are growing.

I graft (that's a horticulture term I looked up) training in Communications from Okanagan College with decades of experience in a broad range of roles and industries. My shed holds a variety of tools.  Are your needs beyond your scope? Is your budget too small for a big agency? Let's do coffee. Tell me about what you're growing and I'll tell you how Greenhouse can help. 

Curious?  Let's talk.  

I'd love to hear your story.

(They seem to dig us too.)

"WOW! Dawn provided us with unparalleled products and services while developing our website and promotional material. She offered competitive pricing at the beginning and went beyond our expectations while staying in our budget and timeline. Thank-you Dawn for all your great efforts."


Ken Zardo & Al Brown,

West Kelowna