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Dawn Kern Storybrand Guide for Realtors

Use StoryBrand. Get Noticed.

I help Savvy Realtors, Construction Professionals, and Service Providers Stand Out with a Strategic Marketing Message.

Leverage Your Superpower

Become a Household Name

Expand Your Business

So you drank the StoryBrand Koolaid, huh?

Congratulations! You're already ahead of your competition! It makes perfect sense, doesn't it? A clear message will help position you as the pro to hire.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Dawn Kern-00607.jpg

But now you're stumped on the nitty-gritty.

You probably have endless ideas and pages of scribbled notes that taunt you from the corner of your desk. You know that once you nail down your message, you'll have the foundation for your:

  • web content

  • email series

  • social posts

  • professional bios

  • other marketing efforts

The problem is, how (and when) are you going to figure it out? During all your "free time"?

The truth about creating a clear message:

  • Words are hard.

  • Analysis paralysis - easy to fall victim to and tough to shake on your own.

  • Understanding how to put your brand message into play feels intimidating.

  • Your time is precious. You want to be out there doing your thing, not being frustrated and wasting time wrestling with your message.

There's an app for that. It's me!

You don't expect your clients to find their way through a contract or build a structure without help. So, don't you deserve an expert in your corner, too?​

As a Certified StoryBrand Guide and wife* of a hard-working Realtor, I understand what you're up against and how to help you stand out in a saturated industry.


(*Did you see that magnificent, bald, blue-eyed model?)

Want it all, but not all at once?

Check out my Stress Relieving Retainer Offer!

Don't shortchange your future.

You're an excellent realtor on a mission to help make people's dreams come true. But standing out from the crowd is tricky - especially when that crowd is elbow to elbow. Your advantage: an awareness that a clear, strategic message makes it much easier for prospects to choose you to guide them.

More good news: You do not have to do this alone! Together we'll craft a clear and compelling brand message that makes your marketing more effective - and easier!


So book a free consult, and we'll get to know each other (spoiler alert: I'm a DELIGHT!) In the meantime, let me send you game-changing pointers for your "About" page. (Details below.)

Let's get your brand messaging off the back burner so you can make more dreams come true - including your own! 

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