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Dawn Kern
StoryBrand Guide & Designer
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We've just met, and I haven't been 100% honest with you.  

Greenhouses are for growing, but gardening is a terrible metaphor for me. I can't keep any green thing alive for more than nine days. Every spring, I buy 37 Geraniums. Exclusively. (And I seek out the ones that look like fighters.)

Nurturing people, crafting communication, creating outstanding client experiences - that's where I thrive. Small business owners are my tribe. I can't get enough of their gut-level commitment to what they are growing.


Clear, effective messaging is the foundation of marketing a business. The StoryBrand writing technique is a proven, sensible way to engage our clients using storytelling elements throughout your marketing. It bridges the gap between your offer and your client's purchase. I've never seen anything more practical and clarifying. 


There are bigger, fancier agencies out there doing great stuff. But they can't do what I can do as your guide.

I graft (that's a horticulture term I looked up) my StoryBrand Certification with decades of experience in a broad range of roles and industries - including five years of focus on small businesses like yours. My shed holds a variety of tools. Let's do a virtual coffee. Tell me about what you're growing, and I'll tell you how Greenhouse can help.

Curious about working together?

Let's talk.  I'd love to hear your story.

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(They seem to dig us too.)

"Dawn delivered EXACTLY what I needed and MORE than I was expecting!!! You have been so unbelievably helpful, kind, and generous. Please know how much anxiety you have just lifted from my chest. I can’t wait to spend some time next week tinkering with my website and social media to implement this new messaging."

Jacqui Tremblay,

Deeper Image Photography