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We want to lead our small businesses to the next level of success. But we often find ourselves overwhelmed by doing all the things. "They say" we should be paying attention to our marketing and have a sales funnel. But have "they" seen your to-do list? It's easy for marketing plans to get left on the back burner because we feel over-loaded, think it'll be too expensive, and, darn it; what the heck is a sales funnel, anyway?

How about a Simple Marketing Plan that works?

(And helps you sleep at night.)

3 Ways to GET IT DONE!

Done For You

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"I partner with (often overwhelmed & a little bit lonely)  solopreneurs and small business owners. (Does that sound like you?) Imagine having expertly written marketing assets in your hands, so you can focus on what you do best. Let's work together and get you everything you need to grow your business with a simple, effective sales funnel."
To Your Success!       

A Clear Brand Message

(Cut and Paste, multi-use language) 

  • Identify what your prospects need to hear to want to do business with you

  • Create an answer to "so what do you do" that opens up more conversation

  • Know the key messages to repeat over and over again in your marketing

The Right Words for your Website

(Homepage copy & design map)

A Lead Generator

(Professionally written and designed 1 page PDF)

  • Give the people what they want - free guidance from you, the authority in your field!

  • I'll give you a strategically written and professionally designed PDF you can email out and offer as a download on your site.

An Email Series

(Content for 6 emails)

  • Be top of mind, nurture the relationship, and offer value to your contacts through a nurture email series.

  • Position yourself for growth with a stock of cut-and-paste content ready to go.


Nobody puts baby in a corner!
Let's customize a package just for you!


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for the D.I.Y.ers!

EVERY business deserves marketing that works. These resources will help you create a simple, effective plan - even when the budget is tight!




  • "Building a Storybrand" to learn how to create a clear marketing message

  • "Marketing Made Simple" for easy-to-digest, practical guidance.



  • a subscription to "Business Made Simple" - an exceptional collection of top-notch video courses relevant to marketing, leadership, and life! (an incredible investment at only $275 US)


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