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Have your
simple, effective sales funnel working for you one step (and one payment) at a time.

Keep it Simple

Put it in Play

Grow Your Business

We all want to build our businesses with the help of a well-oiled marketing machine. But when your time and resources are stretched thin, creating that sales funnel can feel out of reach.
How about we take it slow? My Four Month Retainer Offer lets you take things one confident step at a time.

Get What You need in just One Quarter

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What you get - and when!

Messaging Development

Through a painless and enlightening discovery process, we’ll create your Brand Message Guide. This “communications bible” is your go-to resource for all your marketing efforts. Invite leads into a story where they are the hero, and you are the trusted guide. We’ll capture the heart and soul of your brand in compelling, strategic language, giving you a marketing advantage your competitors don’t have.

Month One Deliverables:

  • a handy, multi-page Brand Message Guide with cut-and-paste language for clear, consistent marketing content


Web Content

Know your website is working for you, not against you! Drawing from your Brand Message Guide, I’ll write strategic content for your Home Page and an About/Team Page. It will be delivered in a wireframe (design map format), making your new content easy to hand off to your web partner.

Month Two Deliverables:

  • Home Page wireframe with artfully written copy in your brand voice

  • About Page wireframe with expertly written copy in your brand voice


A Lead Generating PDF PLUS 52 Custom Social Media Images

Stand out as a generous authority by sharing your industry knowledge. We’ll create a professional, easy-to-share marketing asset that solves a problem for your audience. Deepen your connection with leads by putting this high-value gift in their hands. 


Imagine how much easier social media would be if you had a stockpile of on-brand, on-message posts at your fingertips. Let us design a custom set of images so you can stop struggling with how to share your brand socially.

Month Three Deliverables:

  • a professionally designed PDF that’s easy to share

  • 52 on-brand, ready-to-post social media images


Email Series (set of six)

Remember that email list you’ve been neglecting? The one with potential clients, repeats and referrals? Yes, that one. Put your name out front again and remind people that you are a guide worth trusting to get what they want.

Month Four Deliverables:

  • one strategic follow-up/sales email 

  • five relationship-building nurture emails

Think how fast the last four months went! Before you know it, you could have everything you need for a simple, effective sales funnel. This program gives you a manageable plan for your marketing so you can focus on making people’s dreams come true, including your own.

Nobody puts Baby in a corner!
Let's customize a package just for you.

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