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How to have an awesome midlife crisis // Joel Kern, CPA, RE/MAX Realtor

Joel Kern has a long history of doing the responsible thing. He has always chosen meaningful over shiny. Value over flash. Sensible over whim. Nothing wrong with any of those things, but they just weren’t a priority for him. Granted, there were those two boats: “The Lonestar” circa 1975, which basically disintegrated and then sank in Okanagan Lake, and then a higher-end (excruciatingly researched, 2nd hand) model that provided several years of father-son bonding time. Worth every penny for the years they had it.

Steady Eddy. Mr. Practical. (Coincidentally married to Mrs. Practical. They were practically adorable.)

And then seasons changed. Kids graduated, parenting commitments evaporated, and the big 5-0 was only a few years away, sparking a re-evaluation. What would he do with this new freedom and chapter – especially the 9-5 part?

Joel was ready for something different, something less head-down and more people oriented. He didn’t mind to keep working hard, he just wanted to work hard for himself. That itch had been there for a while, actually, but it is easily ignored in the full-steam-ahead years of raising a busy family. Those years when parents have just got to keep the thing moving. With coaching, working, and investing in the lives of the people around him, Joel was too busy to scratch that itch, until this fall.

Allow me to introduce freshly minted, Joel Kern, RE/MAX REALTOR®.

Taking his 25 years as a chartered accountant, a decade in private real estate development, and a few more years with the City of West Kelowna, Joel’s background sets him up with the experience and knowledge people look for in a professional to help guide them in their biggest investment.

He can hear the big question: Can we trust a newbie with this big transaction? Joel is lucky enough to be mentored by the very experienced Brenda Reinelt, a RE/MAX REALTOR® for three decades. Add to that the extensive training program and the fabulous support of other RE/MAX professionals, he’s far from alone in this journey. As your realtor, he’s got a direct line to resources, insight and experience from everyone and everything in the RE/MAX organization.

The people who know Joel have all reacted to this new venture with the same sentiment: “You are exactly the kind of person I want in a realtor.” He’s not a slick sales guy, he’s not out for his own agenda. He’s a humble, honest, genuine person with relevant expertise and knowledge. Joel understands numbers, details, and people.

He doesn’t think your transaction is a big “deal”.

He thinks you are.

If a real estate transaction is in your near or distant future, chat with Joel about how he can be the professional in your corner.


And if you’re feeling itchy or restless at this stage of your life…

Don’t trade in your spouse. Don’t buy a flashy car or motorcycle or get a tattoo or buy a mansion. (But, if you insist on the mansion, call Joel.)

Think about the things you wish you could do and do them.

Be like Joel. Invest in yourself. Make a way.

Thank you to our special guest model, Maverick (age 14).

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