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A Fresh Take on Ancient Culinary Culture // Saj Comon Kitchen

Growing up in a rich Lebanese culture of hospitality, Betty's family home was always bustling. Her mom welcomed the neighbourhood kids with love, and fresh, delicious food. Years later, when Betty had her own family, she followed in her mother's footsteps with an open door and endless culinary expressions of love. Now, with her kids grown and flown, Chef Betty has a different kind of open door - located at Saj Common 2720 Tutt Street, in Kelowna's Pandosy Village.

The Concept: A commercial kitchen & gathering space, IHA approved, that is available to rent for catering or other cooking/food prep events.

The Reality: You name it, it happens at Saj. Aside from the wide variety of groups that book the kitchen for their own purposes, Chef Betty also hosts the most delicious events in town: cooking classes, "Iron Chef" style team building evenings, birthday parties and other special happenings just to name a few.

And if you're really lucky, you'll take in one of her signature Lebanese breakfast events. Betty told me,

"My mom couldn't read or write, but she could crack the code on anything she ate in a restaurant."

The Fig doesn't fall far from the tree. I've twice had the privilege of sampling Betty's kitchen magic. There is nothing like it. Fresh, flavourful, special, different - everything that makes for a memorable meal.

If you're in need of a well equipped kitchen space or a like-no-other culinary event, see what's cookin' at Saj Common Kitchen. Betty will take care of you how ever she can with her award winning (Okanagan Chef's Association Member of the year) talent and her warm, welcoming heritage. She's community builder in her own right and I'm honoured to have met her and heard her story - not to mention being fed by her beautiful heart and hands.

Check out her mouthwatering social feeds: (Feeds - see what I did there?)

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